Still the Same

The founding vision of Hungry Kids International remains the same today, to provide a wonderful home where children in need are accepted, loved and cared for.  A place where little ones have plenty to eat, a nice bed to sleep in, plenty of good clothes, friends to play with, a great school to attend, and loving house parents who show them Christ's unconditional love every day.  A home where children without hope are transformed into children with a bright and meaningful future.

What started as a calling to "Build children's homes in Mexico" twenty-two years ago, has resulted in four children's homes (a fifth that became self-sufficient), a private school, dedicated and trained staff, two churches, and many hundreds of children whose lives have been truly changed.

And we are just getting started!

As we look to the future, we see an ever bigger vision ahead.  More children, more needs, and more exciting growth.  In 2007 we took a very important step to develop a Master Plan to light the path for the growth phase ahead of us.  This Master Plan (made possible by the Neiberger family in memory of Chris Neiberger) lays out the architectural drawings and future plans for each of the four homes, school, and headquarters properties.


Raising Up Leaders

And while our day-to-day activities are occupied with all that comes with meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of so many children, our long term vision is steadfast--to heal the hearts of these beautiful children so that they may grow up to accomplish great things.


Our Partners