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The "Boys Ranch"

In Spanish, Rancho Jovenes has a similar meaning to "Youth Ranch" in English. ("del Rey" means "of the king".) We refer to it as "the Boy's Ranch" because it is home to elementary age boys. Located in Jimenez, Coahuila, Mexico, the Boy's Ranch campus now has the capacity to provide a home for about twenty youngsters.  A wonderful two story dorm residence was built on the site several years ago.

Jeronimo and Stella Barcenas, House Parents of Rancho Jovenes Del Rey

Jeronimo and Stella Barcenas serve as the house parents at Rancho Jovenes Del Rey, with Stella additionally in charge of operations.  The boys in their custody attend public school in Jimenez.


The older dorm building contains a kitchen facility, and is capable of hosting work teams of Partners who wish to visit and help Hungry Kids International as volunteers.  Jimenez is located approximately 15 miles from the Casa Del Rey home, and approximately 30 miles from Piedras Negras.


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