There are many ways you can donate to help the children.  Whether you choose to give a monetary amount or send physical goods, we are so very grateful to those who faithfully stand with us.  There are bills to be paid, lights to keep on, vehicles to maintain, and projects to finish.  Besides all that, these little guys and gals eat three times a day, seven days a week!

Here are some specific ways that you can make a BIG difference.

Provide a Financial Gift

If you wish to make a one-time donation, you may mail it to:

Hungry Kids International  P.O. Box 87  Quemado, TX 78877-0087

OR  for your convenience you may donate online using the following link:    

Alternatively, if you wish to provide regular support on an ongoing basis, please contact us directly by phone at (830)757-2447  or e-mail us at

If desired, we can conveniently arrange for an automated bank withdrawal on a certain day of the month.

Donate Food and Supplies

Donations of food, toiletries and other supplies can be taken directly to the homes or left with us at the headquarters in Quemado, TX.

Sponsor a Staff Member

Our staff members work so hard and love the children so much.  For privacy and security reasons, we do not offer child sponsorships; however, by sponsoring a staff member you are directly encouraging the "hands and feet" that minister to the children each and every day.  You may learn more about each of the staff members by clicking the following link: 

Our Staff

If you are potentially interested in sponsoring a staff member, we would love to tell you more about how it works.  Please call us at (830)757-2447  or e-mail us at


Contribute to Our Educational Scholarship Fund

After our children complete high school, many desire to continue on to higher education.  However, for those who pass the university entrance exam, funds are tight and our brightest students need help affording the tuition and housing costs.

If you would like to contribute to our Educational Scholarship Fund which can make the dream of higher education possible for these children. Thank you.


Donate Staple Items

We are often asked about our household needs, such as: food, staples, personal items, furniture, and other items.  So we have written down our "shopping list".  In a nutshell we can use just about anything around our house that you use in yours--except probably a lot more of it.  We have a BIG family.

Click on the following link to learn more about our household needs:   "Shopping List"


Donate Toys and Children's Items

All year round we are asked about what kinds of gifts would be best to send the children.  Additionally, each year in September we send out our "Christmas Wish List" to our Partners.  Our hearts are warmed by your phone calls and letters requesting information so that you can begin your Christmas project early.

Click on the following link for information about gifts for the children:   "Children's Gift List"


Underwrite a Project Need

Looking to the future of the ministry, Hungry Kids International has developed a Master Plan for all of its properties and future building projects.  We have typically relied on a combination of direct donations and short-term work teams to complete each maintenance or new construction project.  In some cases, donors have provided "matching fund challenges" which have helped us reach our goals.  Support a Project

If you are interested in learning more about how you can donate to a capital project, underwrite a special need, or visit with a work team, please call us at (830)757-2447  or e-mail us at


Donate an Endowment, Memorial Gift, or Honorarium

Many, many of our Partners have honored dear loved ones over the years by donating Memorial Gifts or "In Honor of" gifts to the ministry.  These gifts have been such a sustaining source of blessing for the children.  Simply call or e-mail us and provide the name of the one whom you wish to honor.

(830)757-2447 or

Also, have you considered including these precious children in your Will or Living Trust?   We would welcome answering any questions that you might have about this. 

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