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"House of the King"

Casa Del Rey, which in Spanish means “House of the King”, is located in El Moral, Coahuila, Mexico. Casa Del Rey is the oldest (started in 1986) and largest of the Hungry Kids International children’s homes (where historically between 30 to 50 girls and infants are cared for each year).   El Moral is located near Piedras Negras on the U.S.-Mexico border across the Rio Grande River from Eagle Pass, Texas.

The Casa Del Rey campus consists of several buildings. The main building is used for multiple purposes including: a kitchen/pantry/dining facility; school classroom space; meeting space; a laundry area; and general storage space. A detached two-story girls dormitory provides living quarters for the younger girls downstairs and teenage girls and female staff members upstairs.   A separate small building provides meeting space and living quarters for Felipe and Angelica Recio, Casa Del Rey’s house parents since 1991.

Room To Grow

As part Hungry Kids International’s Master Plan, construction of an additional multi-purpose building began in September 2008—a parsonage—which provides larger living space for the house parents as well as much needed additional living, meeting and growing space for everyone at Casa Del Rey (children, infants, and staff).

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Construction Begins - Foundation is Laid in September of 2008

Construction Continues - Much Progress as of January 2009

The house is dried in. The kitchen furniture is installed, and work continues as we have the money. - March 2009

Despite its growth since beginning as a "small frame house and a dream", Casa Del Rey has remained faithful to the original mission of the late Bob King and his wife Betty: to provide a safe haven where many hundreds of children could find a place of security, shelter, food, love, friendship, education, and spiritual enrichment.  

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