Our Partners are Amazing!

It is the support of our Partners that enables us to continue to love and provide for the precious children, the "diamonds in the rough" who are unable to care for themselves.

There are so many ways that our wonderful Partners choose to get involved.  Here are just a few!

  - Receiving our newsletter - Corresponding with us
  - Making a one-time finanical gift - Providing ongoing support
  - Donating an educational scholarship - Sponsoring a staff member
  - Donating staple/food items - Donating toys/children's items
  - Underwriting a project need - Mobilizing a fund-raiser
  - Bringing a work team - Serving on a work team
  - Designating memorial gifts - Designating "In Honor of" gifts
  - Referring other Partners - Praying for us
  - Sending us your ideas - Remembering us in wills/trusts
  - Equip a Street Missions Team  


Become a Partner

We hope that you would become a Partner of Hungry Kids International.  If you would like to learn more, please send us your contact information in the short form below and we can add you to our Partner mailing list.

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You can also simply give us a call during office hours or send us an e-mail.  We would love to visit with you and learn more about you.    Please click the following link for our contact information.  Contact Us