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Special Report - Flooding @ El Moral

Hurricane Alex was more of a rainmaker than wind storm, but it left its mark on Northern Mexico just as it did in central Mexico. Flooding was extensive. A description of the flood is posted in weblog format in the "Partner Login" which is a link to the website

I set the weblog site up to require a password to slow down mischief makers on the web.

Pictures of the flood damage and clean-up are posted in the flood gallery.

Many of you have asked how you may help. THANK YOU!  Here are some suggestions:  

  1. Because of the violence at the border, many of our work teams do not come. However, there are many Mexican citizens without jobs. If we have the financial resources to hire these people, they will do an excellent job with the clean-up and repair and be very grateful for the job. 
  2.  We must replace the mattresses as soon as possible. Used mattresses cannot be imported into Mexico. They must be new. We can purchase in Mexico. If purchased in the states they must be wrapped in the original plastic. Import fees are high. 
  3. Replace the large chest-type freezer.
  4. Replace Stella's freezer. Because Angelica's had gone out we borrowed Stella's freezer last week (from the boy's ranch) until we could afford to replace it. It was destroyed.
  5. Purchase sheet rock and other building supplies to replace flood-damaged materials. The cost and amount is yet to be determined.
  6.  Replace the contaminated food supply.
  7. Replace clothing and some furniture that was destroyed.
  8. Replace refrigerators in kitchen.   

This is only a start. Thanks for standing with us and believing God to supply all our need. One of our board members sent me the following email message: "Sister Betty, we stand with you in faith in the power of agreement concerning all that you are facing presently, believing God for His divine protection and provision for all you need. We declare that the evil one must repay seven-fold for what he has stolen and destroyed." Amen. Be encouraged in your heart and know that God will turn this for your good!" Thank you, Brother Randy. We agree!   God bless you, dear partners. I love you dearly.   Betty  

Ways You Can Support A Project

It is ALWAYS busy around the children's homes! 

It seems the work is never fully done, and there are lists of projects either currently underway or planned for the future. 

Parsonage / Staff House:

Visit the Parsonage Project photo Gallery.


We finished the parsonage! Felipe and his family occupied it April 25, 2010. The picture below is the ribbon cutting ceremony.



The project began with a construction plan that was underwritten as a memorial for Chris Niberger who gave his life for his country while serving in Iraq. The Niberger family with the assistance of Trinity United Methodist Church of Gainesville FL provided seed funding for a Master Plan that will organize our construction and maintenance projects.

We are grateful to all that supported this project. The date for open house is narrowing to between August and October 2010.

The Children and staff enjoy the new house, though they are having to learn how to act in such a nice place.

They will get used to it...


There are two main ways that you can support Hungry Kids International projects:

     1) Lend your financial support

     2) Lead or join a work team

If you are interested in either one of these opportunities to serve the children, please contact us and we can help match you with the right project! 

Contact Us


Listing of Current Projects at Casa Del Rey

Now that the Parsonage/ House-parent house is finished, we have several other projects to complete. The list includes:

  • A security wall at El Moral to shield the children from the newly widened highway
  • Residing the multi-function building. It is in need of maintenance / repair.
  • Replace the wooden stairway to the second floor of the Girl's dormatory with a more substantial stairway.