There is always stuff to do in the main building. We thank God that there are good people that the Lord sends to help us provide for his children.

Here are some additional things that need attention.

2.1) The compressors for the air conditioning systems serving the main building are installed on a steel platform. This platform is stable, but between the A/C units and the steel are wood palates that are deteriorating. As the wood degrades, the compressors are pulled away from the plenum structures.

Pictured below are some views of the platform.

Water damage is apparent. It is a matter of time before the wood yields to the weight of the compressors.

These units were installed with the use of a crane to hoist them off of a trailer to the perch that they are sitting on now.

Repair may also require lifting the compressors again. The equipment is available in Mexico, but must be reserved before it is rented.

2.2) The plaster that serves as a wall cover is deteriorating. There are also some damaged places in it due to electrical work, etc. These holes in the wall expose the interior of the building to water, rodents, bugs, etc.

There are several places around the building where the plaster was torn off. The inside is delicate. We could use space filling foam, but that looks worse than the hole left by maintenance.


2.3) There are some places inside of the main building that need some less drastic maintenance. For instance, the sanctuary room serves as a living room / play room for the children. There are many rough edges on the trim and floor from wear.

The lights in the sanctuary need a redesign. We have long runs of eight foot fluorescent light fixtures along two sides of the room. These lights have ballast problems, so that just changing bulbs does not fix the problem.


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