Secondary Projects Pending for the Girl's Home: Page 1

1) Replace deteriorating stucco with Hardiboard along the outside facade of the main building. The image shown is the junction between the main building wall and the reconstructed tower. The tower is sided withHardiboard, but the main building is sided with porous blackboard covered with chicken wire and a sand/cement mixture over wooden studs.

When the repairs are finished, we intend to repaint the new face to match the tower and parsonage. 

2) We need to Install new front and rear doors into the building. Pictured to the right is the front door of the main building. It has served well, but it is worn and needs to be replaced.

Also note that the tile on the porch is open to bats. Our plan is to replace it with tile consistent with that used on the tower and the parsonage.


3) Below shows the south and east sides of the main building where the plaster is degrading and must be replaced. The porch outside of the school office needs attention, as the wood is rotting.



4) The Laundry room (below) needs sheetrock work and paint. Recently, The singles ministry of Mosaic Church of Arlington helped us with a primer on the sheetrock walls, but we need workers skilled in sheetrock work to finish the walls.


5) There is a stairway descending from the second floor of the girl's dormitory. It is made of wood, and is deteriorating. So far it can be patched, but it needs to be replaced with a steel or concrete structure.

The canopy is also held up by a wood frame.



6)The picture on your right was taken from the second floor balcony projecting from the girl's dorm. This is one of the main posts that holds up the stairway. It is deteriorating at the ground level. It is a safety hazard.




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