Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was a good Christmas for the children, but they had to wait longer than usual.

Due to the border violence, the Mexican customs service is paying very close attention to all imports. In years past we were able to take as many as twenty toys across at a time or gain permission to cross them in bulk, but this year they were strict in their application of the law.

We made a manifest of all of the gifts that we had received. This took all night several days before Christmas. We have a wonderful volunteer staff at headquarters, and they cheerfully worked as long as there was work left to do. They had jobs to attend to the next day, so it was not easy.

As they worked, Cindy and Bobby cataloged the manifests by bag. Since the descriptions were often vague, we had to do a lot of checking to get the documents as accurate as possible. All of us got sick from this and the web site suffered. We are digging out now.

Felipe used the lists to begin the import process, but the government rejected them. We were left with importing the presents a few at a time. We got it done, but the process was not completed until several days after Christmas.

The homes had their Christmas celebrations independently, and we were unable to get the event pictures that we usually get. We do have a gallery of pictures taken by the house-parents, so enjoy them with us.

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