2014 News
Pedro leads prayer with kids that attend children's church at Rancho Jovenes Del Rey Enjoying a nice fire while they roast some marshmallows
Pedro is taking a "selfie" with the kids attending children's church from the community surrounding Rancho Jovenes Del Rey
Yum! Roasted marshmallows Where'd the ball go?
Group photo of outreach (children's church) and kids in Rancho Jovenes Del Rey. Good looking group! Getting ready for Birthday cake
Victor enjoys his 7th birthday Ready for snacks
Ramon with boys from Casa Jovenes Del Rey working on the church, (Pacto De Paz) Boys from Casa Jovenes Del Rey
Jose Luis and Ricardo help clean up at Pacto De Paz Whew that's a lot of work
Ramon and Norma with some of their boys at Casa Jovenes Del Rey Celebrating "Mami" Norma's birthday
Celebrating another birthday Casa Jovenes Del Rey boys enjoy worshiping with a men's group in Piedras Negras
Worshiping at Pacto De Paz I love to see our kids worshiping the Lord
Yummmm! Ice cream Felipe Isaac and Selina
Celebrating a birthday at Casa Del Rey Making tamalies
Three happy little girls and three sleepy little puppies at Casa Del Rey Angelica takes a "selfie" with three of our Casa Del Rey girls
Casa Del Rey girls Our kids hanging out
Mother's Day family photo Angelica poses with Evely, Dulce, Lucero, Daniela, Julieta, and Yolanda with their babies. These girls grew up in Casa Del Rey and came back to spend Mother's Day with "Mommy" Angelica.
Norma with Casa Jovenes Del Rey boys on Mother's Day Norma poses with Maguiel (holding his son), Alejandro, and Javier. These boys grew up in Casa Jovenes Del Rey and came back to spend Mothers' Day with "Mommy" Norma.
Betty, Rossy, Rosita, and Cindy at Casa Del Rey for Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Casa Del Rey
Betty thanking the staff, children, and guests while she gives some history of the homes. Felipe interprets for her. Betty passing out gifts to Pedrito.
Victor Jesus Emmanuel
Camila Alexa
Priscila Rosa
Fernanda Alma
Guillermina Mariana
Lucero Leonardo
Ulises Joaquin
Edgar Ricardo
Jorge Patricio
Fabian Jose Luis
Yohana Pedro and Fabiola pose with Rancho Jovenes Del Rey boys (and baby Zoe), along with Betty, Bobby, and Cindy. Notice the sign above us. Our staff wanted to thank our partners.
Bobby and his wife Sheryl enjoying the Christmas festivities. Sheryl usually is one of the photographers, so this is a rare photo of her.
A group wanted to do something special for our kids for Christmas 2014.
A couple from Pacto De Paz wanted to take the staff and children from Casa Del Rey out for pizza The rest of the large group who was treated to pizza by a couple from Pacto De Paz
Damaris and Fabiola with their babies, Jesus Emmanuel and Dania Zoe Pedrito and Juan Diego
Pedro with the outreach kids (children's church) having prayer Teaching lesson
Casa Jovenes Del Rey boys cleaning the upper floor of Pacto De Paz The lower level of Pacto De Paz is being divided up into Sunday School rooms
Pacto De Paz Pacto De Paz
The following few pictures are of the repairs to the upper and lower floors of the girls' dorm at Casa Del Rey  
Contractor Marco taking a "selfie" with his helpers, Joaquin and Edgar Looking good
  Upper floor bathroom repair at the girl's dorm at Casa Del Rey
Outreach children (children's church) at Rancho Jovenes Del Rey Dania Zoe, Pedrito, Juan Diego, and Victor
Angelica and Maria during a recent visit. Maria grew up in Casa Del Rey and came to visit "Mommy" Angelica. Angelica and Maria's baby boy Samuel
Juan, Maria and Samuel Angelica and Maria
Angelica and Fernanda at a Mother's Day celebration Angelica and Felipe holding our newest addition to our extended family, Joshua James Haver. His mom, Esmeralda, grew up in our home.
Angelica holds baby Haver as new mom Esmeralda looks on