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The year 2011 was a blessed year.

We experienced God's marvelous answers to prayer through your intercessory prayers. As we face this New Year 2012, we face it with certainty and assurance that "he always does what he says" ... (I Corinthians 1:9 NLT). "Every promise of the Lord (our) God has come true. Not a single one has failed!" Joshua 23:14 NTL). What a comfort and a joy that brings to my heart.

An outstanding highlight of 2011 occurred on August 7 when Covenant School of Ministry & Divinity (CSOMD) awarded my late husband Bob King with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree (Posthumous) in recognition of "his many years of faithful service to the Lord Jesus Christ and for his leadership in the advancement of the Kingdom of God." CSOMD is under the apostolic covering of Covenant Global, Inc. and its international Bishop, Reverend Randy Barnett, presented the award in the Sunday morning service at Iglesia Pacto de Paz (Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico). The ceremony was an emotional experience for me and somehow I felt that Bob was watching with deep appreciation from his vantage point in heaven. Bob King Jr., Felipe Recio and I each were also honored with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. Thank you, CSOMD for bestowing this high honor. We receive it with deep respect and appreciation.

Covenant School of Ministry & Divinity was launched in 2008 and is located in Socorro, Mindoro in the Philippines. It is duly registered with the SEC. Dr. Joel Mancio, Th.D. is the president of the school. CSOMD is privileged to have a prestigious Board of Trustees that holds doctoral degrees from the religious community, the educational community, and the medical field. It is recognized by major denominations and endorsed by other degree-granting institutions in the Philippines. The school grants degrees at the Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels.

Outreach Ministry - Rancho Jovenes Del Rey (Boys' Ranch)

Christmas 2011 was a success! Thank you, Partners.

The children and staff from our three homes along the border gathered at Casa Del Rey on Sunday evening the 25th to celebrate Christmas. We enjoyed good food, each other, and an abundance of joy as each child opened the gifts that you sent. Each one felt greatly loved and appreciated. Thank you with all my heart for showing the love of Jesus to our children. God bless you! Following are a few of the pictures we snapped of the festivities. We're excited that we can once again use our large dining room. Thanks to you, our Partners, we have recovered this space for use after the flood of 2010. Enjoy!



Also in December (2011) the children surprised me with a Birthday Party! We were gathered at the boys' home (Casa Jovenes Del Rey) in Piedras Negras. Your gifts helped us to renovate this house and turn it into a lovely home for the boys. Come on in and join the party ...

Christmas 2011 Wish List is Published

As always we thank our partners with all of our hearts for the outpouring of love for the children that the Lord has given to us to care for. God Bless You!

Christmas 2011 Wish List